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Connect Solar Charger Mini

Connect Solar Charger Mini

Connect Solar Charger Mini

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Designed with simplicity in mind, this compact device has two USB ports that allow you to dual charge two devices at once directly from the enclosed solar panel. The panel has a grid design that protects it from scuffs and scrapes, and the silicon outer case gives this device its waterproof and shockproof characteristics. Combined, this means the device can easily survive any hiking or camping trip. Each USB port has a rubber cap to protect it, but since these caps are attached by a thin piece of silicon it is possible for them to tear off leaving the USB ports susceptible to damage. The outer case has a hole so that you can attach the included carabiner to a backpack, belt loop, or a tent in order to be placed directly in the sun.

The solar charger will automatically recharge its internal battery when placed in an area with enough sunlight. When doing so, a green light will appear on the front to indicate that it is charging. However, you will need to power on the battery to charge another electronic device. The on/off button is on the front of the device, right above the solar panel. When on, a series of four lights will turn on to indicate how much of a charge the internal battery has. Each light represents 25% capacity, so if the solar charger has a full battery then all four lights will be illuminated. One additional feature is that by pressing down on the on/off button for three seconds you will turn on a built-in LED flashlight. Of course, the flashlight will only work if the battery has a charge.

The battery has a 5,000mAh capacity which allows for about three full charges for a standard iPhone battery or one charge for a tablet. Rated at 200mA, in sunny conditions the solar panel will be able to fully charge its depleted battery in about 10–11 hours. For a quicker charge, the battery can be plugged into an a/c power outlet by attaching a USB power cord to the device. One thing that is counterintuitive from most solar products is that the included product instructions state, “Do not leave in the sun except in case of emergency, use only USB charging method or a/c adapter to charge power bank.”

  • Decent battery capacity
  • Dual USB ports
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Light and rugged design
  • Price


  • Solar charging is very slow
  • Rubber caps for USB ports can be easily damaged
  • May not be intended for frequent solar charging


While the Dizaul portable solar charger is durable and compact enough to take most places, its long charge time means that it should not be relied upon as a primary power source while off the grid. However, it can be useful for times when you need to extend a battery life for a short time while out and about, and even more useful as a backup in emergency situations.


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